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-- Some Kind Of Monster [ DVD Disc One ]

Intro Metallica Some Kind Of Monster Documentary

Meet The Press Documentary

What Intimacy Documentary

The Bunker Documentary

Garage Days ReReRevisited Documentary

Breaking The Rules Documentary

Mission Statement Documentary

Temptation Documentary

F'ing Lame Documentary

Get 'Em Out My Head Documentary

Exit Light Documentary

Enter Night Documentary

Father Knows Best Documentary

St Sandwich Documentary

The Unforgiven Documentary

Jason Is The Future Documentary

Welcome Home Documentary

A Year Later, The Next Day Documentary

Tight Schedule Documentary

Total Rebirth Documentary

Expletive Repeated Documentary

Band Depreciation Day Documentary

Attention Deficit Documentary

Goin' Deep Now Documentary

Sell Out Documentary

Bassists Past Documentary

Shoot Me Again Documentary

The Touring Question Documentary

Turning Point Documentary

Art Rock Documentary

Zoned Out Documentary

The Auditions Documentary

Their Aim Is Trujillo Documentary

Who's In Charge Of My Head Today Documentary

My Time Documentary

Madly In Anger Documentary

Coming Down Documentary

On The RoadCredits Documentary

Menu Metallica Some Kind Of Monster Disc 1 Documentary

-- Some Kind Of Monster [ DVD Disc Two ]

Photo Shoot With Kirk Documentary

Lars With His Newborn Son Documentary

Metallica, Swizz Beatz Ja Rule Documentary

Lars And Kirk Webchat Documentary

Management Discusses Metallica's Future Documentary

Should The Filming Continue Documentary

James Talks About Growing Up Documentary

Surpise Gig At Kimo's Documentary

Metallica Honors Aerosmith At MTV's Icon Documentary

Take The Metalheads Bowling Documentary

Bass Lines For My World Documentary

More Work On My World Documentary

Kirk's Birthday Documentary

Tough Riff Documentary

All Within My Hands Vocals Documentary

Castor Doesn't Want Headphones Documentary

Bob Is Bitter Documentary

Lars Stews In His Anger Documentary

Lars And James Have Made Progress Documentary

Kirk Goes To Traffic School Documentary

New Artwork Documentary

Album Packaging Documentary

Hammering It Out Documentary

Sounds Good Documentary

Rob Goes Snowboarding Documentary

Kirk's FatherInLaw Plays With Rob Documentary

A Lot Of Work To Be Done Documentary

Frantic At The Fillmore Documentary

Sundance QA Documentary

Sundance Press Conference Documentary

San Francisco International Film Festival Documentary

New York Premiere Documentary

Metallica Club Screening Documentary

Predictions About The Album Documentary

Being Original Documentary

Lars And Dave Mustaine Alternative Cut Documentary

F Meeting Extension Documentary

Raiders Tailgate Show Documentary

The New Face Of Metal Documentary

Touring Confusion Documentary

Dee Dee's Legacy Documentary

Talking About Bass Players With Pepper Documentary

Rob's First Interview Documentary

Lars Visits His Childhood Home Documentary

The Oslo Interviews Documentary

Some Kind Of Monster Music Video

Menu Metallica Some Kind Of Monster Disc 2 Documentary